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03-Feb-2016 to 28-Feb-2016


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It's your final chance to visit Anything Goes, an explosive group show from Jess Wilson, Kate Gibb and Mr Penfold.
Until Sunday, Jealous Crouch End.

The three well-established illustrators and printmakers are brought together by their fascination with colour and practice of ongoing experimentation with form. A mixture of print, paint and sculpture, the vibrant works are now on display in Jealous North until 28th February.

Mr Penfold

“For this show I have extended my ‘paper study’ series and have produces a small collection of ‘Jealous Studies.’ these are works on paper that originally started out as warm up paintings, but now are more of a finished product. They all carry on with my exploration into the abstract side of my work, focusing on colour and the relationship between hard and soft lines within the composition. “

Kate Gibb

“All of my artworks for Anything Goes were printed here, at the Jealous Print Studios.

Previous to this experience I predominantly worked solely on one-off pieces. Editions weren’t my thing!

Being creatively authentic is important to me. Something would shift when attempting an edition.. the final results would seem lacklustre in comparison to the original.

On discussing my practice with Dario we came up with the idea of making a set of editions that comprised of say twenty or thirty variations, of a chosen theme.

Each print within the edition is unique but the imagery / physical screens employed to create it remain the same.

Through play and experimentation with colour, composition, layering, opacity and with an unhealthy regard to chance / happy accidents (!) a series of works formed that adhered to my creative prerequisites, allowing each piece to remain original.

This formula was initially executed on the series of prints (currently exhibited at Jealous Gallery) involving a studio shot of a young Mick Jagger.

Since then new imagery has entered the equation.. the resulting editions are on view here, where quite literally anything goes… “

Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson is an illustrator and printmaker who lives and works in London. She is well-known for her map work, among her endless talents. Maps provide Jess with the perfect template for her experimentations with pattern-making and line work, whilst using her love for text in a very factual, functional and yet very personal approach.

In ‘drawing’ her maps Jess allows herself to look around a city, to revisit and draw certain areas where she has been, illustrating amusing tit bits, moments and adventures from areas she has remembered. In their own way these illustrations represent a personal and private diary hidden within the open and easily understood format of a map. This approach is echoed across all of her works, playful and perceptive, with a keen use of colour. The show will feature an array of print and scultpture works, old and new.

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