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24-Oct-2019 to 10-Nov-2019


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Arbor, the Latin word for "tree," has been a rich source of tree-related words in English since the 17th Century. The word Arborealis is a portmanteau of of Arboreal, which refers to trees, and Borealis, which comes from Boreas, the god of the north wind. For Stanley Donwood’s second solo exhibition at Jealous, he has drawn upon his long-standing passion for the tree formation and presents an incredible body of work dedicated to it.

Join us for the Private View on Thursday 24th October 6.30-8.30pm Jealous East


Stanley Donwood is best known for creating the infamous album artwork and promotional material for the band Radiohead, establishing a long-standing collaborative relationship between the artist and the band. He has since gone on to exhibit his artwork all over the world and has published numerous books, including his most recent publication with Thames + Hudson; ‘There Will Be No Quiet’.


Jealous are thrilled to give collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase extremely rare and sought-after Stanley Donwood prints from previously sold out editions. These are taken from a range of exhibitions and projects from throughout his career thus far. The exhibition will also feature an exclusive new screenprint edition made in Jealous Print Studio, as well as signed copies of his latest publication.


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