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20-Apr-2017 to 23-Apr-2017


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Jealous are thrilled to host a 3 day pop-up to celebrate the launch of the second issue of ‘Dirty Paradise’,
a zine created by an artist-led collective of the same name.

The launch will exhibit original artwork by contributors of the limited edition zine, including front cover artwork by Monica Canilao, and a screenprint launch with Sam Bassett. This incredible line-up of artists also includes Ath1281, Billy, Boris Hoppek, Christina Lina, David Shillinglaw, Dunja Jankovic, Ekta, Erkut Terliksiz, Twoone, Jaybo Monk, Lily Mixe, Marc Bell, Patrick Schmidt, Remi Rough, Sickboy, Simon Landrein and Stanley Donwood.


The Dirty Paradise project, and in particular the zine, was born out of a burning desire to establish a collective endeavour with other like-minded people/artists. The medium changes from person to person; from painting to photography, sculpture to film editing, writing to performance, cooking to dancing - the list goes on. The aim, energy and attitude of all these people however is generally the same; make something, or make something happen.


“The phrase 'Dirty Paradise' comes from a conversation I had on a beach in Mexico. Sitting in remote luxury, surrounded by palm trees and a scene of typical picture-postcard paradise, I was amazed and disgusted by the sight of so much trash washing up on the beach. Bottles, flip flops and toothbrushes for as far as the eye could see. I felt embarrassed and disgusted at the amount of mindless waste that humans produce. Emphasised and framed by sun-kissed nature, the contrast was shockingly clear. This phrase became a way of describing a problem I see central to the contemporary human landscape and the planet as a whole.” – David Shillinglaw


The Dirty Paradise project is a subtle protest, a reminder that making art is a form of political statement. In the words of Ai Weiwei, "Everything is art. Everything is politics.”


After a hugely successful launch of the first zine, Jealous are delighted to host the launch of the second issue, featuring limited editions as well as original works in this mixed media group show.





Issue 2 Cover Artwork by Monica Canilao



The publication ‘Dirty Paradise’, founded by internationally exhibited artist David Shillinglawand photographer Joanna Dudderidge, is a visual mixtape of artists from around the world who are invited to contribute to this A5 sized, full colour zine.

“Mixing the dirty and the pristine, Dirty Paradise celebrates the importance of looking sideways. Through a collision of artistic styles and approaches, it explores the marriage of contrasts, a meeting place between abstraction and design. Dirty Paradise is visual radio show, mixing and remixing, switching channels, tuning in and out of frequencies; a shuffle through the playlist of contemporary modes of expression and communication.”




Issue 1 Cover Artwork by Cristina Lina



Powered by people making things, and making things happen, Dirty Paradise extend the ethos of their zine through print releases, podcasts and events. Find out more at



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