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25-Apr-2018 to 13-May-2018


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This April, Jealous will be showcasing brand new screenprinted editions and originals by Shuby. Running from 25th April, ‘Fistful of Bananas’ is exclusive to Jealous North and introduces ‘Candy Barr’ to the family.

Created in the Jealous Print Studio, Shuby’s new works play on her instantly recognisable and subversively humorous banana motif. Presented in her pop-art style and originally given to cowboy Lone Ranger - the banana guns have been passed down to the new lady in town Candy Barr.

In her new works, Shuby features Candy Barr, an American stripper, burlesque dancer, actress, and adult model from magazines of the 1950's and 60’s. Candy Barr’s signature character, a gun slinging cowgirl, has coupled up with the Lone Ranger in an outlaw mask and banana guns exploding in pop fluro colours, all on a series of hand painted unique canvas’.

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Jealous is a Contemporary Gallery, print Publisher and printing Studio, based in East London’s creative hub of Shoreditch, with jealous north in Crouch End. We are known for our collaborative approach to producing high quality limited edition prints with many artists, galleries, designers and museums.

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