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06-Jun-2018 to 24-Jun-2018


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Jealous are excited to welcome back collaborative duo Augustine & Bridgland to Jealous North. The new collection of work titled ‘I’ve Said It Before and I’ll Say It Again’ shows Augustine & Bridgland’s unique style of painting and printmaking develop.

Join us for the Private View on Wednesday 6th June at Jealous North, 6.30-8.30pm, all welcome!


Click HERE for a full works list.

The pair have continued to explore and create innumerable unique monoprints during various sessions, both on canvas and on paper, and continue to blur the lines of traditional thought between the two artistic mediums. The works, as always, treat the viewer to a feast of colours and near abstract botanicals.

A large portion of this particular series of works have been taken from sessions completed in 2017 for a major private commission in Florida, as well as featuring works created outside in the artists’ studio garden.

Since their previous exhibitions, ‘Flowers For Your Darlings’, ‘Behind The Curtain and Blinds’ and ‘It’s Hard To Concentrate With A Head Full of Filth’, Augustine & Bridgland have completed a range of fabrics for Heal’s and numerous private commissions in the United States and the UK, as well as concentrating on their respective practices.















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Jealous is a Contemporary Gallery, print Publisher and printing Studio, based in East London’s creative hub of Shoreditch, with jealous north in Crouch End. We are known for our collaborative approach to producing high quality limited edition prints with many artists, galleries, designers and museums.

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