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27-Jun-2018 to 15-Jul-2018


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Jealous North are thrilled to present a solo exhibition ‘Life After Death’ by Jessica Albarn, showcasing a new body of work inspired by the meadow she has spent the past years cultivating herself. Across several mediums, including cynotype, screenprint and graphite pencil, the works explore every aspect of life played out in the meadow, in all it’s beauty and brutality, yet how it is also symbolic to us as a place of peace and serenity.

Please click here for a full works list from the exhibition.

Albarn is renowned for her works with nature, exploring how we as human beings project onto and identify with the natural world; a relationship that in our modern times has become increasingly dislocated and disconnected. 

This project began not only as a place to research the life that grows within her meadow, but also to support the conservation of the area - for two species of bee in particular: The Shrill Carder and the Bilberry Bumblebee. Jessica has works alongside the BBCT (Bumblebee Conservation Trust) to raise awareness for the plight of the bee through her work for many years.

She will be showing work which plays with the idea of surface and layers, using honey and glass, as well as her drawings - for which she is best known. The exhibition will also feature a new limited edition screenprint, created exclusively for her show and published in Jealous Print Studio.

'Baby Rabbit', Archival Inkjet with a 1 Colour Screenprint Overlay on Somerset Satin 330gsm Paper, Edition of 100, £100 Unframed

'Old Crow', Pencil Drawing on Paper, £2,355 + VAT Framed

'Blue Shadow Bees - Box 4', Box Screenprinted with Gold Geometry and Bees, Framed with Blue Cyanotype Shadow Print, in Black Clothed Boxes Lined with Gold Paper, £1,250 + VAT

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