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19-Apr-2018 to 06-May-2018


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Jealous East, 53 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3PT

Jealous is proud to present ‘Stranger Danger’, a show that brings together, for the first time, the works of Swedish artist Joakim Allgulander and Dublin-based artist John Slade.
Multi-disciplinary artist Joakim Allgulander will show five new paintings, further exploring monochromatic surfaces depicting close up scenes from nature, which become almost abstracted in their close study. Using a myriad of materials, such as spray paint or metallic liquids, the works are quiet and peaceful while conveying a sense of energy and life. Alongside the paintings, Allgulander will present Burned (2007) an installation of a classic sun chair where the seat is made in red neon; it’s hot, electric and high voltage.

John Slade’s will also present a wide scope of his practice, showing multimedia works on paper and canvas in materials including oil paint, charcoal, inks and pastels .
Pieces include Slade’s recent letterpress works, featuring multiple gradients with handpainted brand logos; ‘I’m lovin’ it’ (2018) appears to resemble McDonald’s logo, distorted through the application directly from Slade’s memory. While the charcoal works are delicately worked, they depict uncomfortable moments, sharing a narrative with a dark twist and giving the viewer a sense of unease.

The exhibition, curated by Jealous, features new bodies of works from the two artists, whose works will be shown side by side for the first time.


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