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23-Mar-2017 to 02-Apr-2017


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Three people, One Toaster image, Everywhere. Since 1999, before the term 'Street Art' existed, three people have placed their Toaster image all over the world. On stickers, posters, using stencils and on banners the image has appeared on streets, at music festivals, in sports stadiums and on museum walls. 15 years on from it's conception, the 'project' continues with the Toaster being placed both in it's purest form and in various abstracted states.


Jealous are thrilled to host the opening and unveiling of ‘Toasted – A Pop-Up Show’ by Toaster.

Building on the identity of their iconic toaster image and pushing it further than they have previously dared, the exhibition will feature a brand new body of work by the internationally renowned street artist, including unique hand-painted toasters, branded toast, and a limited edition screenprint, printed and published by Jealous Print Studio.

Their iconic image of a regular household Toaster has popped up in some of the most unexpected places across the world, celebrating the ordinary and making it extra-ordinary. From Tokyo, to the Football World Cup, and to the rural countryside to almost every city across the globe, they have reinvented the everyday household appliance and turned it into a super star.



Since 1999 Toaster has twisted, restructured and reworked the image to keep it fresh, exciting but instantly recognisable. More recently, neon colours have been used, as well as abstracted and dismantled forms in their murals across the world. This exhibition sees the revisiting of the neon palette with a new sculptural and ready-made twist, exclusively be revealed on the opening.

It only seems right that in Jealous, who are known for their live printing events, the pinnacle of the private view will be live branding (of toast), mixing performance art with The Great British Toast Off. Jealous will also be launching a new screenprint edition, featuring the black and gold motif from their recent stickers which have been appearing across the UK. As a very small release limited edition screenprint, this edition will be uniquely hand-finished in an appropriate toasted fashion.



Having built their reputation on the streets of East London back in 1999, Jealous are thrilled to welcome back Toaster into the creative heart of East London, Shoreditch, featuring a brand new body of work.


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Jealous is a Contemporary Gallery, print Publisher and printing Studio, based in East London’s creative hub of Shoreditch, with jealous north in Crouch End. We are known for our collaborative approach to producing high quality limited edition prints with many artists, galleries, designers and museums.

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