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Jealous have worked with online gallery Eyestorm for many years now, creating screenprint editions for their roster of artists. Most recently we’ve had Eyestorm back in the Studio, this time with Lucie Bennett and her delicate line work, which softly hints at figure and form.

With her new editions taking a turn towards the botanical, here Eyestorm Creative Director, Angie Davey, tells us more about these beautiful prints…

“Lucie Bennett’s new screenprint editions see the artist continue with her most recent body of work, which uses imagery from the natural world to execute her ideas.

Last month saw the launch of three new gloss on aluminium paintings, marking the beginning of a new series of works for London-based artist Lucie Bennett. Taking inspiration from the on-going subject she is best known for, the study of the female form, for the new body of work she takes her focus further towards the natural world by presenting single stem flowers, executed in her signature flawless minimal line.

Nature has been an integral part of Bennett’s work for some time now as she has explored the similarities between the human body and botanical forms. The new series takes this to a new level, where noticeable mortal presence has been removed altogether and only symbolic reference remains. Those familiar with Bennett’s work will no doubt welcome this connection as what appears at first to be merely plant life becomes something more, each structure with its own personality, delicately standing tall and strong just as her women did before.

The new editions, Violet, Dandelion and Tigerlily, have an endearing fresh and radiant sense. Choosing the perfect colour palette is a huge part of Bennett’s working practice, and hours are spent in the print studio mixing as she considers the desired results. Sometimes initial ideas will be changed as they react with a previously printed colour; of course this is one of the advantages of working hands-on and being present during the proofing process, which Bennett insists on to cast her discerning eye.

In terms of the selected colours, the backgrounds for all three editions have been kept neutral, tying them together as a triptych. The stems and flowers themselves however are a different story as punchy and vibrant tones of pink, blue, orange and yellow jump from the page causing the free flowing forms to spring to life and jump from the surface of the paper.

In each of the prints, Bennett has selected a single leaf to be filled in, deliberately leaving space in areas between the line and the block colour. For the flower buds, a watercolour wash has been used to create tone and texture; a welcoming contrast to the flatness of the line and filled in areas of the leaves.

Each elegant structure is hand drawn from life studies of plants directly onto the tru-grain in black ink, which are then made into the screens that the ink is pulled through to create the colour layers. The fact that the artist’s hand has had a part in the construction of the works means these are original serigraphs - another term for hand created screenprints - which hold a beautiful quality that can often not be achieved when screenprints are created from digital or photographic files. Immaculately finished, and each signed and numbered by the artist, these works, which are beautiful as a set of three but can also work singularly or as a pair, would be a welcome addition to any contemporary collection.”

St George's Hospital Charity X Adam Bridgland

St George's Hospital Charity X Adam Bridgland

St George’s Hospital Charity is celebrating saying thank you to our healthcare heroes with the launch of the SGHC X Adam Bridgland collection in partnership with Jealous Gallery. The works are all celebratory. They are about trying to discover positivity every day and the strength from the possibilities that a new day or new place can provide. At present this particularly resonates.

Covid Creation Capsule

Covid Creation Capsule

The Covid Creation Capsule is a charitable arts project supporting those suffering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, both in terms of their health and wellbeing, and economically, including those who are homeless, experiencing domestic abuse, and mental health conditions, as well as the healthcare professionals caring for them.


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